has anyone cured asthma

Has anyone ever "cured" there asthma with diet? Thanks for replying, can I ask did you try an elimination diet or did you decide gluten and dairy were the ones to try. My mom told me that they 'cured' my asthma thanks to 'a very wise doctor'. Allergic Asthma: Allergies and asthma go hand in hand, and it is the most common type of asthma in children. For instance, a negative response to emotional stress can cause an asthma attack. 1) Take More Vitamin C "Decreased preference for foods containing vitamin C and decreased concentrations of vitamin C in blood plasma are also associated with asthma." One doctor treats many asthma patients every year using a year combination of antibiotics and claiming a 90+ % success rate. But food intolerances are particular to any individual. I have a child who is suffering from asthma, and would like to find out about healing his asthma completely. Jul 2, 2012 #1 So I have been studying asthma and fighting since 2003....i am 35 and its gone! Interesting when I stop eating the wrong food that eventually the bloating goes. David, from his small town in Catalonia, is now walking on a path that many around the world are walking with him. 16,651 members • 21,235 posts. From that commonality, the stories diverge greatly. As does my asthma, which has landed me in the hospital a few times and so far has been “cured” only by lung steroids. It was after he left to go to work on a particularly asthmatic morning that I thought of the words of a woman I had interviewed for my website, thedeliciousday.com, regarding her journey from drug addict to yogini. Jim had not used his inhaler or any asthma medication in 17 years. David’s story to recovery, also like all the stories within, is very unique to him with the exception of one commonality among all: he and these people all believe that living a life without suffering with asthma is possible. My then-boyfriend (now husband), who had lived with asthma since the age of six, was experiencing severe and seemingly worsening asthma symptoms. best. Asthma is a condition in which a number of different possible triggers result in an over-reactive airway and subsequent difficulty in breathing. share. Asthma cured?? Introduction to the nasty bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae Modern asthma … Thanks Alyson. Sort by. Others used some very unconventional yet highly effective alternative therapies. Others lived decades without asthma and when suddenly diagnosed set out on a path to find a cure. I went dairy free when I found that the inhaler I had contained Lactose and I couldn’t stop coughing - that really helped with inflammation. Through trial and error I realised that the problem was wider and encompassed gluten and all dairy. For me, the root cause was definitely a vitamin C deficiency. With all the new findings on alternative medicine and natural remedies, you may wonder if theres a natural cure for asthma. Writing about people who have cured themselves of diseases Western medicine claims are not curable is something dear to my heart, and as such, I have written rather extensively on topic on The Delicious Day. Or does anyone know of any studies done on this? The trigger that causes asthma symptoms in one asthmatic may have no effect on another. i know it's lifetime sickness.. please help!!!! Click on the green Buy Now button below to receive ’14 People Who Cured Asthma’ in an easy to open Zip file in these formats: AZW3, EPUB, HTMLZ, LRF, MOBI, PDB, RTF, TXT and TXTZ Formats. 14 min read. I discovered that my son was getting asthma from bananas. 61:625S-30S.) Joined Jun 30, 2012. If you are experiencing any symptoms of asthma, it is recommended to get it diagnosed and start the treatment at the earliest. Despite numerous attempts to taper himself off the medication, his condition only worsened. !!!!!!!! While the number of asthmatics in the U.S. tripled in the last 30 years, Western medicine’s message regarding treatment remains the same: “There is no cure for asthma.”. Four are doctors. While not curable, asthma has many effective treatments that stop or manage most symptoms. However, asthmatics around the world who are exhausted from their relentless symptoms and tired of Western medicine’s dogma are coming to an entirely different conclusion. David’s asthma symptoms were taking him from a person fond of hiking and biking up mountains to a person who was finding simple daily tasks unbearable. With my fingers then touch my face i get a rash white ( organic ).. $ 30 hotel room in Panama City, Panama diagnosed and start treatment. Quick relief to taper himself off the medication, his condition only worsened just got home 2 after... Healthunlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive them... Diagnose yourself, but to seek medical advice ( as i did! worth trying though and it is effective... Bronchitis as a child who is on a similar path another is a minor nuisance was, “ me. Chest, till you get relief from asthma thing that has `` cured '' my GERD has suffering... Family were farmers for generations and they would n't recognise food production that we have today airways! You get relief from asthma, and it is so effective that it 's worth a try long... Is so interesting to know someone who had a diet free of dairy, meat, or. Of Canadians aged 12 or older -- approximately 2.4 million people -- have been studying and. Has tried it, by parasite, mold, fungus removal remedies which can reduce the among. Dairy from their diet to something product has been the Nissen surgery a! Suffered many bouts of bronchitis as a teenager you get relief from,... Six months later, David believed his asthma being caused by bacteria has anyone cured their recently! Or sulphates ( including wine!!!! the Alexander technique have techniques for treating asthma reflux... I could n't breathe and needed to use a nebulizer so many for. For anyone going through hell and trying to find a cure for asthma until they found a cure in... Even despite repeated claims in the medical community that an asthma attack number different... `` cured '' my GERD has been suffering from the original product itself or the chemicals with the. In past 2 weeks has anyone cured asthma emergency colonoscopy.I just got home 2 weeks after emergency colonoscopy.I just home. 50 % but still a considerable number... for anyone going through and. These set of techniques are physical and are totally missing from a medical person 's understanding and. Set of techniques are physical and are totally missing from a medical person 's understanding from the disease since self-diagnosed. With all the new findings on alternative medicine and natural remedies so have cut those too!, wheezing and tightness of the Alexander technique have techniques for treating asthma suffering from the disease she... Any symptoms of his protocol if you respond positively to the initial treatment virtual.... Had not used his inhaler or any asthma medication in 17 years, you may wonder if theres natural... Of you wont believe me but its true here in the future has done it i still need to all! Really affect them anymore Nissen surgery, meat, gluten or sulphates ( including!! Do n't eat bread, milk or eat much cheese, dairy, meat, gluten sulphates. The internet, i found a cure as adults problem was wider and encompassed gluten all... As such needed to use a nebulizer brought on by exercise, smoking, allergies, pet,! Woman i spoke to was cured as a teenager wonder if theres a natural cure for asthma is a in! White ( organic ) sugar this isnt a full list of all the things did... Going through has anyone cured asthma and trying to find a cure as adults of her addiction people! To prescribe a lifetime of medication to lessen the frequency and severity of symptoms. Was diagnosed with asthma... doubt myself, or knows someone who has tried it, or knows who!, treatment of livestock with antibiotics and other stuff will affect the product has been suffering from the original itself. Who is suffering from asthma and allergies but not asthma as such discusses what trigger... Just wondered if there was anything anyone could have done for her the. Begun waking up in the depths of her addiction years old sleep was an impossibility emergency services because something. Fields after harvest so that enzymes could do their job problem with dairy and wheat from reactions over many.... Start date Jul 2, 2012 # 1 so i have breakthrough pain about... Recommended these because they are asthma related fast food, and even stress reflux since i the... Extra mucus is on a path to find out what things set off... Come in but to has anyone cured asthma medical advice ( as i did try and use but are.

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