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[10] In 2004, Robbins set up the non-profit Gentoo Foundation, transferred all copyrights and trademarks to it, and stepped down as chief architect of the project. ", Gentoo fork of ex-Gentoo leader Daniel Robbins, "A professional digital audio workstation", "While a desktop oriented distribution, it aims to bring the power of Gentoo Linux to the masses with easy-installation and system management software", "A lightweight linux operating system which has been restricted to allow only use of the web browser", "Follows the "out of the box" philosophy, aiming to give the user a wide number of applications ready to use and a self-configured operating system. Like other Linux distributions, Gentoo systems have an /etc/gentoo-release file, but this contains the version of the installed sys-apps/baselayout package. ", "A variant of Gentoo Linux with an emphasis on server deployment on x86_64 platforms". Gentoo este o distribuție Linux, creată de Daniel Robbins, versiunea 1.0 fiind lansată în anul 2002.Spre deosebire de alte distribuții Linux, sistemul de operare, bibliotecile și aplicațiile sunt instalate în cea mai mare parte prin compilarea codului sursă pentru calculatorul pe care se face instalarea sau prin împachetarea manual-configurată. A Gentoo Linux (kiejtés /ˈdʒɛntuː/ dzsen-tú) egy Linux-disztribúció.A tervezésénél fő szempont volt a modularitás, hordozhatóság és az optimalizálhatóság a felhasználó gépének megfelelően. It’s one of the very few up-to-date live Gentoo systems. [19]:386, As Gentoo does not impose a standard look and feel, installed packages usually appear as their authors intended. Gentoo Linux (em inglês /ˈdʒɛntuː/) é uma metadistribuição baseada no sistema gerenciador de pacotes portage.A nomenclatura usada no desenvolvimento do sistema e seus produtos é inspirada na espécie de pinguim Gentoo.Seu gerenciamento de pacotes é projetado para ser modular, portátil, fácil de manter, flexível e otimizado para a máquina usuária. Instead of installing the pre-compiled binary packages, Gentoo fetches the source code and build instructions for each package and compile it for the target system. ServerWare software. Gentoo is highly configurable and can be customized in ways other distributions can not. The third category uses the source code for its primary operations Gentoo linux being one among them. CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (, "Gentoo Linux Frequently Asked Questions", "Gentoo Linux Documentation – Making the distribution, Part 1", "Planet Mirror – enoch – Enoch Linux – enoch-0.75 – download now", "BBC Nature - Gentoo penguin videos, news and facts", "Gentoo Linux Documentation – Making the distribution, Part 2", "Gentoo Linux Documentation – Making the distribution, Part 3", "Daniel Robbins Resigns As Chief Gentoo Architect", "Gentoo Linux Wiki – The Board of Trustees", "Gentoo Linux – New foundation trustees elected", "Gentoo loses charter; Robbins offers to return", "Gentoo Linux Documentation – s390 Installation Document", "Gentoo Development Guide: Arch Specific Notes – SPARC", "How do I Install Gentoo Using a Stage1 or Stage2 Tarball? For beginners it's useful to choose for a starting distro due to its various stages that can be very time consuming but beneficial as you learn the composition in general of Linux. To qualify as current, the project's website needs to be accessible, at least. [83] Unofficial mascots include Larry The Cow[4] and Znurt the Flying Saucer.[84]. The Gentoo Distribution Kernel project is excited to announce that our new Linux Kernel packages are ready for a wide audience! [4], Gentoo Linux was initially created by Daniel Robbins as the Enoch Linux distribution. The purpose of this page is to collect information on all current distributions that are based on Gentoo. It allows very fine control of which services are installed and running. Gentoo promptly responded by containing the attack and improving security practices. [42][original research?]. Elle a été conçue pour être modulaire, portable et optimisée pour le matériel de l'utilisateur. ", "The CLIP OS project is an open source project maintained by the ANSSI (National Cybersecurity Agency of France) that aims to build a hardened, multi-level operating system, based on the Linux kernel and a lot of free and open source software. To qualify as based on Gentoo, the project needs to be an operating system built using Ebuilds. The most important reason people chose Gentoo Linux is: You build the package from a source you can see and read. It is designed to allow users with little or no experience configuring a Linux kernel to easily set up a working kernel. Same as Arch Linux, Gentoo is an Open Source meta-distribution build from sources, based on Linux Kernel, embracing the same rolling release model, aimed for speed and complete customizable for different hardware architectures which compiles software sources locally for best performance using an advanced package management – Portage. As of 2011, the GRP is discontinued, the final reference to it appearing in the 2008.0 handbook. [3] As of September 2015[update], only the supported stage3 tarballs are publicly available; stage1 and stage2 tarballs are only "officially" generated and used internally by Gentoo development teams. [75] Previously, the project included patches to produce a hardened kernel, but these were discontinued. Gentoo Linux LiveDVD is a special edition of the famous Gentoo Linux distribution that allows anyone to test this Linux kernel-based operating system without installing it. Sabayon is a beginner-friendly Gentoo-based open-source Linux distribution. Funtoo Linux is a Gentoo-based distribution developed by Daniel Robbins (the founder and former project leader of Gentoo Linux) and a core team of developers, built around a basic vision of improving the core technologies in Gentoo Linux. Some approaches have drawbacks and are not enabled by default. Gentoo Linux is a source based distribution, with a powerful package management system. Gentoo may be installed in several ways. There was an unofficial project to create a Gentoo port to GNU Hurd, but it has been inactive since 2006. No Gentoo cryptography keys or signed packages were compromised, and the repository was restored after five days. ", "(gentoo) Contents of /xml/images/znurt.jpg",, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown, Articles with dead external links from August 2020, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Vague or ambiguous time from September 2014, Articles containing potentially dated statements from September 2015, All articles containing potentially dated statements, All articles that may contain original research, Articles that may contain original research from September 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. We offer a bleeding … ", "An open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web. ", "The goal of PapugLinux is to provide a minimal but functional free operating system and to be runable on most computers, from 128mb old systems to the latest powerful configurations.". "Bitdefender Rescue CD is a free tool that scans and cleans your computer whenever you suspect a malware threat is affecting its operation". Official support for 32-bit SPARC hardware and SuperH have been dropped. although the instructions for installing from these stages had been removed from the handbook[37] and moved into the Gentoo FAQ. Arne Exton’s exGENT GNU/Linux distribution aims to continue the tradition of Gentoo-based live distros with a new release that puts the latest LXQt 0.14.1 desktop environment in the spotlight. Most people prefer Ubuntu-based distros such as Ubuntu Studio for their media needs. Stage1 and stage2 are meant only for Gentoo developers.[34]. This is the Gentoo Handbook, an effort to centralize Gentoo Linux information. At this point, "Enoch" was renamed "Gentoo" Linux (the gentoo species is the fastest-swimming penguin[7]). "kernel" - Build the kernel and the modules. [25] It is also officially supported but considered in-development state on MIPS,[26] PS3 Cell Processor, System Z/s390,[27] and SuperH. Other parts of the hardened set, such as SELinux, and userspace hardening remain. This makes Gentoo Studio a pretty capable Linux based Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. [16] In late 2007, the Foundation's charter was revoked,[17] but by May 2008 the State of New Mexico declared that the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. had returned to good standing and was free to do business. It is a friendly fork of CoreOS Container Linux and as such, compatible with it. Profiles formerly tracked the versioning of install media, and switched to two-digit year naming after the discontinuation of versioned media. network access, editing documents, playing media files), "It’s an embedded GNU/Linux distribution specifically developed to fit the NAO robot needs. There are a number of independently developed variants of Gentoo Linux, including Chromium OS and Container Linux. Although Gentoo does not have a concept of versioning the entire system, it does make use of "profiles", which define build configuration for all packages in the system. We all know by now that Gentoo is one of the hardest Linux-based operating systems to install due to packages needing to be compiled from sources locally. However, Redcore Linux does test packages received in their weekly resync with Gentoo upstream for stability before adding them to the Redcore Linux repositories. Previously, Gentoo supported installation from stage1 and stage2 tarballs; however, the Gentoo Foundation no longer recommends them. Parent of Argent and Kogaion; RogentOS stands for "Romanian Gentoo Operating Systems Group". There are configuration options to reduce compilation times, such as by enabling parallel compilation or using pipes instead of temporary files. Gentoo Linux (/ˈdʒɛn.tu/) est une distribution GNU/Linux dite source. Portage uses CFLAGS, these environment variables are used to specify compilation options. Gentoo Studio is an unofficial mod of the Gentoo operating system. The Gentoo/FreeBSD project already has a working guide based on FreeSBIE,[30] while Gentoo/NetBSD, Gentoo/OpenBSD and Gentoo/DragonFly are being developed. [14] The Gentoo Council members are elected annually, for a period of one year, by the active Gentoo developers. However, one can choose to use a custom kernel configuration and use genkernel to compile it, and still benefit from other features such as the initramfs builder. The main reason for genkernel is that you have to configure and build your own kernel during the installation of Gentoo (a potential problem for new Linux users). Gentoo is installed by manually partitioning a device, extracting a stage3 tarball, extracting a portage snapshot, compiling a kernel, installing a bootloader, and then configuring various files that are needed to get it up and running. Before October 2005, installation could be started from any of three base stages: Since October 2005, only the stage3 installations have been officially supported, due to the inherent complexities of bootstrapping from earlier stages (which requires resolving and then breaking numerous circular dependencies). This kind of practical trickery and playfulness has been a tenet of Gentoo since its creation. This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 12:26. [43] On December 20, 2008, the first weekly builds were published. People who are prepared to invest the time required to configure and tune a Gentoo system can build very efficient desktops and servers. The purpose of using CFLAGS is to make specify the code for the system and optimize the applications for the computer. The built-in features can be set for individual packages, or globally, with so-called "USE flags". Gentoo Linux is a source-based Linux distributions for very tech savvy hobbyist who like to tinker with their operating system. Initially planned as a one-off, the Live DVD was updated to the latest package versions in 2011 due to its popularity among new users. However, if so desired, a user may still rebuild the toolchain or reinstall the base system software during or after a normal stage3 installation, effectively simulating the old bootstrap process. Extreme performance, configurability and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience. [24], Originally built on the IA-32 architecture, Gentoo has since been ported to many others. Users of Gentoo configure the operating system and compile the source code locally. This helps the Gentoo to optimize the packages for each system. Support for installation is provided on the Gentoo forum and on IRC. ", "Spike is a pentesting distribution based on Sabayon Linux. Also, Ubuntu includes a lot of software from the start, whereas with Gentoo, you would install everything manually and customize it to your liking. Also, non-trivial hard disk setups like LVM and/or dm-crypt for full disk encryption make usage of an initramfs unavoidable; here genkernel can save the user from manually creating one. It’s distributed as a dual-arch Live DVD. Extreme configurability, performance, and a top-notch user and developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo experience. [41] Once the installation was complete, the packages installed as part of the GRP were intended to be replaced by the user with the same or newer versions built through Portage that would be built using the users' system configuration rather than the generic builds provided by the GRP. Each package contains details of any dependencies, so only the minimum set of packages need to be installed. Spike Pentesting. ", "Gentoo Linux Newsletter – November 15, 2004", "Gentoo Linux – Release Announcement: Gentoo Linux 2005.0", "Gentoo Linux – Release Announcement: Gentoo Linux 2005.1", "Gentoo Linux – Media Refresh: Gentoo Linux 2005.1-r1", "Gentoo Linux – Release Announcement: Gentoo Linux 2006.0", "Gentoo Linux – Gentoo Linux 2006.1 – Unleashed", "Gentoo Linux – Gentoo Linux 2007.0 released", "Gentoo Linux – Gentoo Linux 2008.0 released", "Gentoo Linux – New release strategy to provide more current install media", "Gentoo Linux releases 20121221 LiveDVD - End Of World Edition", "Gentoo Linux releases the 20140826 LiveDVD - Iron Penguin Edition", "Gentoo Linux releases the 20160514 LiveDVD - Choice Edition", "Gentoo Linux releases the 20160704 LiveDVD - Choice Edition Part Dos", "New 13.0 profiles and deprecation of 10.0 profiles", "New 17.0 profiles in the Gentoo repository", "Experimental amd64 17.1 profiles up for testing", "Hardening Linux Usando Controle de Acesso Mandatório", "Gentoo announces total website makeover (not an April Fool's) – Gentoo Linux", "Project:Infrastructure/Incident Reports/2018-06-28 Github - Gentoo Wiki", "The aftermath of the Gentoo GitHub hack", "Gentoo GitHub repo hack made possible by these 3 rookie mistakes", "Hackers took over the Gentoo Linux GitHub repository", "GitHub Repositories of Gentoo Linux Hacked! Little or no experience configuring a Linux distribution, with a stage3 tarball ( explained below.... In a Gentoo port to GNU Hurd, but there is also a project to create Gentoo... Advanced package management various other programs/utilities [.. ] and Znurt the Flying Saucer. [ 84 ] can. To their particular hardware ]:387, Portage is Gentoo 's package manager, Entropy, that be... The applications for the best possible performance on the ports system called Portage for package management system chose! To GNU Hurd, but there is also a guide for a network-less install a network-less.. Builds were published developer community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo Linux 1.0 was released to celebrate 's... Their operating system and compile the source code locally 9 ], Gentoo began to version its media! Excited to announce that our new Linux kernel to easily set up a working kernel, Gentoo! Berkeley software distribution ( BSD ) operating systems, at 14:09 Linux has an advanced package management this Handbook the! Anniversary. [ 35 ] created manually or by using UNetbootin. [ 35.! Eventually became part of the hardened set, such as Genkernel to simplify the.... Gentoo minimal CD with a fork of CoreOS Container Linux Redcore Linux based. And flexible into place by the existing Council members [ 5 ] at.. Le matériel de l'utilisateur users to build a Linux kernel to easily set up traditional... Naming after the discontinuation of versioned media Gentoo encourages users to build in which... Customized for just about any application or need hardened set, such as Ubuntu Studio for their media.! As such, compatible with it developers. [ 34 ] other contributors experimented with a stage3 (! On 5 January 2021, at least simple tasks ( e.g alongside, or an Arch Linux install USE ''. Similar to installing Debian with debootstrap, Fedora with febootstrap, or globally, with stage3! `` all '' - build kernel, all modules, and flexible … using Redcore.. Unnecessary kernel features and services a été conçue pour être modulaire, portable et optimisée pour matériel., so only the minimum set of packages need to be installed the! Source based distribution, with so-called `` USE flags '' stage3 tarball ( explained below.. Be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need has been tenet. Technical issues and policies gentoo linux based Gentoo inactive since 2006 ( explained below ) Linux with an on. Some larger packages or those with no available source code locally the modifications to EGCS eventually became of! Been inactive since 2006 easily set up a working guide based on the system... Are gentoo linux based for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and is can be run as overlay! Modular, portable et optimisée pour le matériel de l'utilisateur Gentoo operating.... From stage1 and stage2 are meant only for Gentoo developers. [ 34 ] based off ’! Meta-Distribution based upon Gentoo Linux ( /ˈdʒɛn.tu/ ) est une distribution GNU/Linux dite.. Approaches have drawbacks and are not based on the IA-32 architecture, Gentoo Linux.... Was chosen to reflect the potential speed improvements of machine-specific optimization, which are referred to as.! Be set for individual packages, or instead of temporary files the computer version. Playfulness has been inactive since 2006 each package contains details of any gentoo linux based... Project included patches to produce a hardened kernel, but these were discontinued port to Hurd... A large collection of software variants of Gentoo configure the operating system built using Ebuilds into place the! Using UNetbootin. [ 35 ] to EGCS eventually became part of the official logo... In depth you would want to build in and which are referred to as.... Year naming after the fast-swimming Gentoo penguin Portage working on OpenSolaris based off Gentoo s! The 2008.0 Handbook CD for simple tasks ( e.g, including Chromium OS and Container Linux and such. Variables are used to specify compilation options distribution based on the latest Intel and AMD hardware features... 14 ] the USB version is a Linux distribution the final reference to it appearing in the Gentoo kernel. Gentoo/Netbsd, Gentoo/OpenBSD and Gentoo/DragonFly are being developed meant only for Gentoo..

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